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Remuneration of posted workers and equal pay

On the 8 May 2019, the Center for Social Research Halle e.V. organised a peer review in the frame of the EEPOW project. The focus of the peer review was on the implementation of the Directive 96/71/EC regarding the mechanisms and procedures for the enforcement of minimum wages for posted workers and the equal pay principle, as well as thee possible countermeasures to circumvention strategies used to undercut minimum wages and the equal pay principle. The event was greeted byWolfgang Beck., Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Integration Sachsen-Anhalt (EEPOW Associate Partner) and by Prof. Wolfhard Kohte, Center for Social Research Halle (EEPOW partner). Bettina Wagner, Institute of Economic and Social Research (WSI), Dr. Mathias Maul-Sartori, Judge at the Labour Court Frankfurt (Oder), Annica Wieblitz and Andreas Müller, Main Customs Office Magdeburg presented the German experience, as the host country, on the renumeration of posted workers. While Walter Gagawczuk, Chamber of Labour Vienna, Austria and Quirino Archilletti, FIT CISL Lazio, Italy presented the experience of the peer countries, i.e. Austria and Italy respectively.

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