Get to know our BB country Albania &
what we have done so far together.

Country at a glance

Albanian flag
Flag of Albania
Capital cityTirana
Relation to the European CentreRelationship established through
BB peer reviews, common projects & events
Country Fact Sheet (CFS) 2023 prepared in the framework of an institutional collaboration between the European Centre & the Central European UniversityDownload the full CFS
5th Policy Review A. Scopetta opening
5th online BB Policy Review

European Centre organised the
5th BB Policy Review

The European Centre organised the 5th BB policy review in social welfare on 05 and 06 June 2023. Around 40 representatives registered from ministries and public bodies from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, and Ukraine.

Paper of social inclusion

Enhancing social inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Western Balkans

In this policy brief, the team explores challenges and barriers persons with disabilities face to full social inclusion and propose policy options to address them through investment in and better access to (vocational) education, public funding of personal assistance, and improved data collection for evidence-based policy making.