Experiences of cross-border mechanisms and tools in Italy, Austria and Slovenia

On the 26 June 2019, CIOFS-FP organised a peer review in the frame of the Posting of Workers in Eastern Europe (EEPOW) project. The focus of the peer review was on the bilateral and multi-lateral cross-border mechanisms and tools employed by Member States in order to better implement the Directive 96/71/EC. The event was greeted by Alessia Rosolen, Assessor for Employment, Training, Education, Research, University and Family (Friuli-Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region), Maurizio Romano, Representative for labour policies (Friuli-Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, Directorate on Labour, Training, Education and Family), and Federico Pancaldi, European Commission, DG Employment (web conference). Sonila Danaj, EEPOW Coordinator, introduced the project. Luigi Gennari (Labour Inspectorate Trieste and Gorizia), Mercedes Landolfi (National reponsible FILLEA-CGIL on immigration policies and coordination of foreign workers), Feliciano Iudicone (Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini) and Giacomo Virgilio (Joint National Committee for Construction Workers’ Welfare Funds – CNCE) presented the Italian experience. Whereas Sanja Cukut Krilić (ZRC SAZU, Slovenia) and Margarita Glaser (The Construction Workers’ Annual Leave and Severance Pay Fund/Bauarbeiter-Urlaubs- und Abfertigungskasse) presented the experience of the peer countries Slovenia and Austria, respectively.

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