Get to know our BB country Georgia &
what we have done so far together.

Country at a glance

Georgian Flag
Flag of Georgia
Capital cityTbilisi
Relation to the European CentreRelationship established through
BB peer reviews, common projects & events
Country Fact Sheet (CFS) 2022 prepared in the framework of an institutional collaboration between the European Centre & the Central European UniversityDownload the full CFS
Picture of the capital city Tbilisi

CEU Cooperation on preparing country profile for Georgia

As part of an ongoing cooperation between the European Centre and the Central European University in Vienna (CEU), students from the Policy Lab prepared country profiles for Albania, Montenegro, Moldova and Georgia for the EESPN website. They will also give good practice examples of social policies in the respective BB countries summarised in the Country Fact Sheet (CFS) of the EESPN.

5th Policy Review
BB Peer Reviews & Trainings | Workshop

European Centre organised the 2nd BB Policy Review on gender equality and care for relatives

The European Centre organised the 2nd BB Policy Review on ‘Gender Equality and Care for relatives’ on 05 and 06 June 2023. Around 40 representatives registered from ministries and public bodies from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, and Ukraine.

Georgian minors gathering

Georgian Miners are on strike – AGAIN

Protest demonstrations have been arising from time to time demanding both miners’ labor and social rights, such as: improving safety guarantees, enhancing working conditions and providing equitable wages. Currently, on June 14, 2023, in the western mining city 3,000 miners went on strike demanding increase in wages, improvements in safety conditions, better insurance, and nutrition, 12-hour shifts, vacations, technology upgrades and curbing of pollution caused by the extraction.