Consideration for the Government of Moldova & UNICEF Country Programme

The European Centre, contracted by UNICEF, conducted the Situation Analysis of Children and Adolescents in Moldova. The scope of this report is to examine the degree of realisation of children’s rights, to investigate the unequal realisation of rights across different areas and to identify the drivers of unequal realisation in Moldova. The analysis concluded that while Moldova has progressed in providing a legal and regulatory framework for children’s and adolescents’ rights and protection these laws do not necessarily result in improved outcomes for children and adolescents. Many vulnerable groups remain excluded in terms of access to good quality services, protection, representation and participation, such as low-income families, families living in remote rural areas, Roma population, children with disabilities and their families.

The main findings of the Situation Analysis Report have been discussed with Moldovan key child rights stakeholders and will be considered for drafting by the Government of Moldova and UNICEF Country Programme. A final version of the Situation Analysis of Children and Adolescents in Moldova is upcoming.

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