Research & good practice

The EESPN provides a forum for identifying key social issues by collecting and making available information on relevant research and examples of good practice in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia*, Moldova**, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine. More specifically, the EESPN aims to provide information on significant social trends, challenges faced and approaches to address these challenges in the following fields of social policy: Employment and labour market policy, health policy, ageing, long-term care, social protection and social security, pensions, migration and integration, poverty, social inclusion, well-being, welfare state and governance structures.


What are the criteria for submitting a project? The project should

  • include a minimum of two members of the EESPN network
  • have a transnational character with a cross-border approach
  • also provide information in English beside original language of the project
  • have the envisaged regional focus of the EESPN and
  • aim at contributing to European Cohesion and social policy


* The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
** Republic of Moldova