The Migration, Integration and Governance Research Centre


Bound up in Europe’s ‘new geographies’ and ‘new temporalities’ of migration, Serbia is a country of origin, destination, and transit of migrants. It is characterized by intensive internal migration, intensive emigration of highly skilled population, low intensity immigration of low educated population, immigration of refugees, internally displaced persons and returnees based on readmission agreements as well as transit migration from the region of Middle East and North Africa. National migration trends are impacted by numerous (social, economic, demographic, geo-political) factors. Therefore, there is the need to contribute to the understanding of the mentioned challenges by strengthening the scientific field of migration studies in Serbia, through the transfer of expertise and knowledge to its senior and junior academic staff, as well as PhD and master students.

Project Information

Project Duration
2019/10 - 2023/03
Project Coordinator(s)
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences


The MIGREC Project aims to build a leading scientific-research capacity in Migration studies at the University of Belgrade (UoB) – Faculty of Political Sciences, ensuring that UoB scholars can contribute effectively to the research, policy and practical challenges arising from multiple and intersecting changes currently confronting Serbia, but also the whole of the EU.

To achieve the objectives, the MIGREC Project functions at two levels, a horizontal and a vertical. On the horizontal level, the MIGREC Project enhances the already existing research capacity at the University of Belgrade (UoB) – Faculty of Political Sciences by upgrading migration-related research excellence and impact through introducing training on new high-calibre methodologies and theoretical approaches, publishing in international academic journals, attending international conferences, regional and international networking, participating in externally funded research, public engagement and producing policy related and policy informing academic research. On the vertical level, the MIGREC Project brings together all the dispersed scientific knowledge under the umbrella of a multidisciplinary, cross-departmental Migration, Integration and Governance Research Centre under the leadership of the Faculty of Political Sciences.


The MIGREC Project is concentrated around the following activities:

  1. Elaborating the research needs and current levels of knowledge of researchers at the University of Belgrade, as well as defining the different realms where the research-excellence infusion will take place.
  2. Research, organizational and strategic activities aimed at establishment of the Migration, Integration and Governance Research Centre.
  3. Capacity building in migration related research.
  4. Training and mentoring on horizontal and transferable skills.
  5. Technical and support activities, including: coordination, evaluation, monitoring, communication, and dissemination activities, as well as ethical conduct.


The MIGREC Project is firmly founded on the elaboration on the knowledge infusion and research excellence framework, as well as establishing research excellence structures and support mechanisms. In doing so, multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary collaboration are at its forefront. The partners are devoted to the provision of research, organizational and strategic support to empower the coordinator to lead in academic excellence, policy impact and public engagement in the field of migration in Serbia.

MIGREC has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation programme under Grant Agreement no. 857261.

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