Social enterprises in active labour market policies in Macedonia


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With funding provided by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns (AACT) and KDZ – Centre for Public Administration Research are implementing the programme “Capacity building in the countries of the Western Balkans and the Republic of Moldova”. The Programme is based on two relevant regional strategies, the EU Strategy for the Danube Region ( and the SEE 2020 Strategy ( The action is in line with strategic guidelines defined at the regional (i.e. Danube region strategy: Pillar 3 – Building prosperity in the Danube region) and national level (i.e. Entrepreneurial Learning Strategy, 2014-2020; National Strategy for Employment and Skills, 2014-2020; Strategy for Cooperation of the Government with the Civil Society Sector, 2012-2017; The National Action Plan for Employment of the Republic of Macedonia, 2015-2016; Program of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, 2014-2018).

Bridging Function of the European Centre

Project Information

Project Duration
2016/10 - 2017/03
Project Coordinator(s)
European Centre
Macedonia, Other: Austria
Policy Areas
Employment and labour market policy, Welfare state
Target groups

Social enterprises and disadvantaged group

Project Partner(s)

public (Macedonia)


  • To investigate and compare fruitful frameworks for social enterprises in Macedonia within the frames of the existing active labour market programmes across the European Union to build a strong pillar for development of social entrepreneurship in Macedonia.
  • To transfer know-how about design and implementation of support measures for the development of social entrepreneurship between Macedonian partners and the European Centre.
  • To jointly propose a set of policy tools based on international practice that can enhance the capacity of regions and municipalities to support social enterprises for inclusion of disadvantaged groups.


  1. Review of existing relevant research and good practice about active labour market policies and employment of disadvantaged groups in social enterprises in Macedonia (implemented by PUBLIC).
  2. Elaboration of the findings of the primary research conducted by PUBLIC in the project “Challenges and opportunities for employment of marginalized groups by social enterprises” (implemented by PUBLIC).
  3. Review of international good practice and available frameworks for inclusion of disadvantaged groups through social enterprises at the local level (implemented by the European Centre).
  4. Virtual coordinative meetings and mentoring via Skype and email communication (implemented by PUBLIC and the European Centre).
  5. Preparation of a joint report entitled “Nurturing social enterprises in active labour market policies framework for inclusive local growth in Macedonia” (implemented by PUBLIC, with comments by the European Centre).
  6. Dissemination of findings via networks listed above (implemented by PUBLIC).


transfer know-how about design and implementation of support measures