Country at a glance
Policy framework
General situation across all policy areas
Social policy specific situation
Good practice

Country at a glance (2021)

Population (mio) 8,698
Geographical size (sq km) 88,499
Capital city Belgrade
EU relation Candidate country – since March 2012

Source: UNdata, European Neighbourhood Policy And Enlargement Negotiations

Policy Framework

Pursuant to the provision of Article 16 of the Law on Ministries (“Official Gazette of the RS”, no, 44/14), the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs carries out the following public administration tasks related to: the system in the area of labour relations and labour law in all forms of labour, except in public authorities and local self-government units and autonomous province, public agencies and public services; safety and health at work; inspection in the area of labour relations and safety and health at work, trade union organising; strike; exercising and protection of the rights arising from the employment relationship for the workers temporary employed abroad; conclusion of the agreements on posting workers abroad and posting workers to temporary work abroad; records in the field of labour; cooperation with international organisations in the field of labour, safety and health at work; anti-discrimination policy; social welfare system; system of family and legal protection; marriage; gender equality; population policy; family planning, family and children; exercising the rights and integration of refugees and displaced persons, returnees based on readmission agreements, Roma population and other socially disadvantaged groups; system of pension and disability insurance; social insurance and protection of military insurants; participation in preparation, conclusion and application of the international agreements on social security; veteran and disability protection, protection of civil war disabled veterans and family members of the persons serving the army; cherishing the tradition of liberation wars of Serbia; protection of monuments from liberation wars of Serbia, military graves and veterans’ cemetery in the country and abroad; veteran and disability associations and organisation, as well as other tasks set by the law.

General situation across all policy areas

Monitoring implementation of the existing statutory solutions and good practice; Adoption of new legislative frameworks; Changes and amendments of the existing legislative frameworks; Alignment with the EU acquis.

Main challenges across all policy areas

Lack of administrative capacities; Intensifying the cooperation between the state and other stakeholders is required.

Main approaches to address challenges across all policy areas

Enhancement of the strategic and regulatory framework through regular enactment of the regulations as well as its implementation.

Social policy specific situation

Social welfare area is regulated by the Social Welfare Law, the Family Law and the Law on Financial Support to Families with Children.

Significant social trends

Broadening the social welfare services network and deinstitutionalisation process.

Key challenges specific to social policy

Poverty reduction and improving the status of a child.

Main approaches to address social policy challenges

Adoption of the Social Welfare Strategy and Deinstitutionalisation Strategy, Changes and amendments to the Social Welfare Law, Family law and the Law on Financial Support to Families with Children, as well as adoption of the Law on Social Cards, the Law on the Rights of a Child and the Child’s Ombudsman.

Target groups

Social welfare system beneficiaries: children and youth, adults and elderly, persons with disabilities.

Good practice

Establishment and operation of the National Coalition to End Child Marriages. 

Name of the good practice

National Coalition to End Child Marriages

Policy areas


Description of the practice

Citizens awareness raising campaigns and activities.

Governance & funding

The National Coalition to End Child Marriages does not have the predetermined budget.


Asking for advice, creative ideas and strengthening partnerships in public space. Testing new ideas, attracting and drawing the attention of different stakeholders to secure public support.

Main partner(s)/ stakeholders

NGOs, different institutions representatives, Roma community members, etc.

Name of the partner & contact

Ms Danka Cancarevic

Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs,
22-26 Nemanjina street, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia