Journal article: Scenario analysis of PM2.5 and ozone impacts on health, crops and climate with TM5-FASST

A case study in the Western Balkans by Belis et al.

The Western Balkans (WB) is a region in South-East Europe where the alignment of national legislations and policies with those of the European Union (EU) is in progress with the prospect of achieving the EU membership. Such process is crucial for air quality management considering that the levels of air pollution in this area are among the highest of Europe and affect neighbouring regions. With the aim of informing the design of air quality policies in the WB, the TM5-FAst Scenario Screening Tool (TM5- FASST) was used to estimate the trends of air quality (PM 2.5 and ozone) impacts on health, crops yields and climate from 2000 to 2050. Read more