New project: Feasibility study on reforming child care system

The Feasibility Study will provide a comprehensive analysis of the current child protection policies in Albania, Armenia, Belarus, North Macedonia and Ukraine and will evaluate to what extent a new SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide regional programme will contribute to the fulfilment of human rights of children in the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe. The Feasibility Study will focus on children living in formal care (residential and alternatives to residential care), children temporarily separated from their parents, as well as children at risk of being separated from their parents.

New project: Situation Analysis of children and adolescents in Croatia

The European Centre team will support UNICEF Croatia in drafting the Situation Analysis of children and adolescents in Croatia. The Situation Analysis examines the degree of realization of children’s rights, investigates the unequal realization of rights across different areas/dimensions and identifies the drivers of unequal realization (UNICEF, 2019). The scope of the Situation Analysis is to underline ‘child development’-related problems as well as progress and ways to overcome these problems and sustain progress.

Start of project on posting of third country nationals

The Con3Post project is set up to explore the growing phenomenon of recruitment and posting of third country nationals (TCN), most notably from the Western Balkans, non-EU Eastern Europe and North African regions, to work as posted workers in the EU construction sector. Experts and key stakeholders from seven carefully selected EU Member States that represent a mix of TCN sending (Slovenia, Poland, Italy) and receiving countries (Austria, Finland, Belgium, Estonia) are brought together to establish transnational cooperation, share information and conduct empirical research to outline current challenges, future scenarios and possible strategic responses to the far-reaching yet largely unexplored consequences/implications of this persistent trend. Read more here

Project ‘Peer reviews and other mutual learning processes in the fields of employment, social affairs and inclusion’

The European Centre together with its partners: ICF International (Belgium and UK), IRS – Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale (Italy) and RadarEurope (The Netherlands) implements the project Peer reviews and other mutual learning processes in the fields of employment, social affairs and inclusionfrom 15 December 2016 to 14 December 2020.