20/08/20: CfP – Rethinking Governance in the Time of the Pandemic

20/08/20: CfP – Rethinking Governance in the Time of the Pandemic. Perspectives from the Global South

The global reach of the epidemic, its discrete beginning and the common challenges that it presents to all countries provides an opportunity to compare how different countries have responded and to analyse what this tells us about the form and capacities of their government systems. So far, the responses from the Global South demonstrated the huge variety, nationally but also regionally. We are interested in some of the key reactions and policy approaches.

We propose a conference to review and compare government responses to the health epidemic with a view to answering the following question: what do responses say about postcolonial and post-socialist governments today? Paper proposals(including a paper title, abstract of up to 250 words, author’s contact details and short biographies) should be sent to jelenav@gapp-tt.org.

Deadline for paper proposals is 20August 2020. The selection committee will inform all applicants about the outcome of their application by 1 September 2020. Papers from the Conference will be published in conference proceedings. Read more