Who are we?

The Eastern European Social Policy Network (EESPN) is an initiative of the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (European Centre). EESPN is a network of researchers, policy advisers and representatives of public authorities working in the field of social welfare policy. We represent diverse professional, geographical, and academic backgrounds and interests but are united in a common vision for more efficient and equitable social policies in the countries of the EU, Eastern Partnership (EaP) and EU (potential) candidate countries (the so-called Bridge Building countries/BB countries).

What do we do?

The EESPN brings together researchers and policymakers throughout the UN-European region to better understand and to advance social welfare policies in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and EU (potential) candidate countries.

The EESPN was established in 2016/2017 by the European Centre in Vienna as one arm of its ‘Bridging Function’. The Bridging Function fosters collaboration between governments and organisations by providing relevant know-how and advice for establishing or improving structures in social welfare.

Anette Scoppetta, Deputy Head of the European Centre, explains what Bridge Building (BB) is and how the EESPN started.